Adrianne Kinnear – January Member of the Month 2022

Adrianne Kinnear – January Member of the Month 2022

By Jane

February 20, 2022


Artist Biography

I am a pastel artist, having taken up pastel sticks on retirement in 2009. After 30 plus ‘left brain’ years as an academic and scientist, getting that ‘right brain’ working and dominant was more challenging than science ever was! Why art and why pastels? While still working, I discovered The Pastel Journal on a newsstand one day and fell in love immediately with the colours and the apparent kinship between drawing and pastel painting, as well as being introduced to the amazing American Masters such as Albert Handell, Richard McKinley and Kim Lordier. I had spent much of my research life scientifically drawing body parts of soil mites – amazingly beautiful animals that live below ground. This probably helped lay the foundation of drawing skills but moving away from tight, scientific drawings to impressionistic landscapes was a major challenge and still is to this day!

I am primarily a landscape painter, with great affection for the unique ecosystems of inland Australia. I particularly love painting trees and the arid landscape. I have been fortunate to be able to continue travelling in my trusty campervan throughout WA and NT in the last couple of years, despite COVID, painting plein air and maintaining a library of photos for inspiration.

Very early on I was fortunate to meet Jana Vodesil-Barufi, a multi-talented local artist with a sound European tradition in art. Several years of lessons and European travel with her introduced me to the 5 essentials of good art: composition, design, values, colour and edges, as well as plein air painting and the art of keeping a travel diary. Her tuition gave me the direction I needed to continue learning. I proceeded to build a library of focused art books and videos, that I find invaluable. (You can take the woman out of academia, but you can’t take the academia out of the woman}. I owe Jana a huge debt.

Joining like-minded artists in the Pastel Society of WA early on was also a significant factor for me. I have been both President and Treasurer over the years. Working with such a generous group of people has contributed to the development of my own art.
Local artists such as Rayma Reamy, Leanne Taylor and Val Brooks continue to inspire me.

Another significant development in my painting journey was joining the Perth Plein Air Painters. I truly believe that plein air painting has improved my studio work immeasurably. The ability to see true colours, especially in shadows, to compose a restrictive view from all that is on offer and to simplify, are all essentials that carry over into studio work. Don’t forget the other challenges on offer! I have been harassed by quokkas, bitten by skinks try to get at my lunch, stung by ants after setting up on an ants nest, covered in flies – it is impossible to paint in a fly net. I have had to protect my pastels from being stolen by ravens and a curious camel! But it has all been worth it.

2016: Kevin Jackson Award, PSWA Exhibition
2017: Highly Commended, WASA Annual Exhibition
2018: First Prize, Pastel and Drawing, WASA Annual Exhibition
2018: Best Pastel in Show, York Society of Art.
2019: Highly Commended, WASA Annual Exhibition
2019: Highly Commended (1), Dallwalinu Arts Festival
2019: Highly Commended (2), Dallwalinu Arts Festival
2021: First Prize, Pastel and Drawing, WASA Annual Exhibition
2021: First Prize, Dry Media, Beverley, Easter Art Exhibition


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