Leanne Pearson – April Member of Month 2022

Leanne Pearson – April Member of Month 2022

By Jane

April 24, 2022

I am a passionate painter.  I love the challenge of creating something that has inspired me because of its beauty or meaning in my life.  My painting style would primarily be described as romantic bravura. I have long understood that  If you express what you love, it will show through your artwork, and people will respond to it.

I get excited with the technique of application of paint and working with delicious colours.  I love beauty in light and love finding ways to express how it feels to me. I prefer to describe the feeling of a scene rather than its accuracy.
I feel privileged to have the time and energy and to have built up the skills to now be able to be more creative than ever.

I have workshopped under many international master artists, like Daniel Gerhartz, Dan McCaw, Scott Burdock and Jennifer McChristian, to name a few.  I have also workshopped with our fabulous landscape artist Josh Wilson and many others,  like our talented Leon Holmes.
I have painted for 35 years and have taught for 20  years.  I am now taking a break from teaching and giving myself time to nurture my practice; however, I still do request workshops. In addition, I have created an online painting course that shows you everything you need to know when painting in oils. I have also become well known for commissioned portraits.

I have won many People’s Choice awards over the years, including the City of Stirling People’s Choice Award in my earlier years as a watercolourist and also an international watercolour award.
More recently, I have achieved the following:
2018  Liberty Liquors $50,000 Prize for Portraiture.
2019  Cossack Art Awards People’s Choice Award  
2020   Plein Air Down Under Quick Draw Award.
2022   City of Melville People’s Choice Award 
2022  WASA  Exhibition 126 People’s Choice Award 

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