Mitzi Smith – May Member of Month 2022

Mitzi Smith – May Member of Month 2022

By Jane

August 18, 2022

Like all passionate people who are creative, we all start at an early age, however, my initial direction was architecture and design.  Sadly, in those earlier years, the male establishment in Melbourne would not allow me, as a woman, to be employed.  Hence, I went back to study Fine Art and Illustration at the Melbourne Art Institute.

Fortunately, I began to specialise in Fashion Illustration and Design before venturing overseas for further studies, where I gained great experience creating work for the fabulous Harrods and other big English retail outlets.

After some years in London I moved onto Canada and the United States where creating fashion illustration and design had become so much more exciting.  To the mix, I began to study designer jewelry and accessories.

On a return visit home to Melbourne, I joined the Myer Company, who offered me the opportunity once again to broaden my advertising and art perspective.  When Myer ultimately spread its wings to WA, I was transferred to Perth to assist in the promotional aspect of the new Myer Company, which in due course determined my decision to reside in Perth.

Since then, I have pursued broader avenues of ceramics, mediums, and other more exciting possibilities of creativeness.   I love the challenge of graphics, textures, and multiple colours,

never really knowing what the final image will look like.  It’s all a part of the fun and the challenge.

These later years I have taught at Atwell Art Gallery, Claremont and Tresillian Art Centres, all of which have been very stimulating and rewarding experiences.

Regarding the painting mediums I use, most of my mediums vary due to experimentation each and every time I confront a canvas.  Originally using oils, I began to mix with acrylics, then added textures, sprays and any effective mediums that may suit.  That is a big part of the fun.

Mitzi Smith

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