Margaret Mundy

Margaret Mundy

Margaret was born in Hong Kong in 1936 and in1940 was evacuated to Australia with her mother and younger brother.

Margaret began to paint in watercolours at age ten when her father gave her a wooden paint box he had made for her in India when he spent the war years, and he came to Australia in 1946. She still has this paint box which is often admired.

Margaret’s art is inspired by nature, and particularly trees, flowers and the outdoors Although having tried other mediums at Claremont Tech in the eighties, doing a night a week at classes for 10 years, watercolour is still the medium she loves and tries to improve. After Tech she was invited to join a group of outdoor painters, and for many years were “The Thursday Painters” who held two group exhibitions.

After Tech she joined a group that spent a week at Rottnest Island, painting from ‘M’ Cottage in Thompson Bay where her paintings sold very well to overseas visitors and others. The last time was in 2013.

Margaret has been a member of WASA from 2005. Currently she paints occasionally with Perth Outdoor Painters and at Ellis House twice a week where she has been volunteering since then.

In the last few years she has enjoyed many painting holidays with Áussie Redback Tours and had tuition from well known artists on these trips. It is the best thing to combine painting with holidays and she hopes to do this every year!


Over the years Margaret has exhibited watercolours in various exhibitions including Rotary, Tresillian, Campbell Barracks, the Wool Stores at Fremantle, The Melville Art Show, Toodyay Agricultural Show, Claremont Royal Agricultural Show, Bottle & Brush Exhibition in Como, WASA, Ellis House, and the Salt Store at Rottnest Island. At Ellis House she has had two joint exhibitions with Maureen Hirst and then Vi Philp.

Painting by Margaret Mundy | Eden NSW
Painting by Margaret Mundy | Hibiscus
Painting by Margaret Mundy | Tom Fricker Cottage Swanbourne
Painting by Margaret Mundy | Rottnest Island by Governors Lake