Wendy Line

Wendy Line

Wendy Line has an art studio in the historic West End of Fremantle and many of her paintings depict the local landscapes – scenes of the beaches, islands off the coast and the Swan River. She works in oils, gouache, watercolours and pastels on artworks ranging from palm-sized detailed miniatures to large canvases. Each painting takes many hours to produce, often detailed, multi-layered, textured and rich in complexity.

In addition to her studio work, Wendy frequently paints from life, en plein air. It is from a desire to be outdoors, to connect with nature and to feel more grounded. These small studies are used to inform her studio paintings. Wendy is known for her colourful sketchbooks, full of Perth landmarks painted on location and posted on social media (see links below).

Though she only started painting in 2015 and joined WASA in 2017, Wendy has already achieved recognition for her art, having won prizes and been a finalist in several art competitions, and awarded platinum status at WASA. She is passionate about painting and committed to a life of learning and a full-time career as an artist.


Wendy Line
Wendy Line

Lucy Papalia

Lucy Papalia joined the West Australian Society of Arts in 2004 and has been an active member helping at meetings, the annual Exhibitions and being on the committee for longer than she can remember. Lucy is fascinated with the history of the club and is always happy to tell anyone interested. She is a watercolourist but has done studies in Pottery, Etching and Graphic Design.


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Painting by Lucy Papalia | Shadow With Jeans
Painting by Lucy Papalia | Rottnest Morning