WASA Revised Constitution

WASA Revised Constitution

By Jane

November 25, 2021

Dear Members

As previously advised, the Notice of Special Business is to be transacted at the General Meeting is to be held at “The Palms” Community Centre at 7.30 pm on Thursday 16th December 2021 of which 21 days notice is required under clause 17 of the WASA Constitution.

“Resolution: The Motion is that the revised draft constitution will be adopted as the Constitution of the Society in place of that passed by resolution on 18th April 2019”.


The Constitution is the bedrock of the Society and has been passed down through the generations since the first Incorporation was approved in 1896.  

In the opinion of the Committee, the current Constitution needs upgrading in line with Government Guidelines (see References) as an Incorporated Association to better serve the future needs of WASA in the long term.


The current Constitution has served WASA well since early 2019.  

The Committee believes that this revised Constitution will affect a stronger position for WASA in the future and will comply more closely with the Draft Model Rules.

Please read the attached overview and explanation of the updates being recommended as well as the current and future proposed Constitution documents which are online www.waart.org.au.


A Guide for Incorporated Associations in Western Australia under the Associations Incorporations Act 2015.


The WASA Committee has approved the revised Constitution.  A number of members have also contributed to this work.  Please read the new document online.

I commend the revised WASA Constitution to you for consideration and vote on 16th Dec 2021. 


Roger Reading

President, WASA

M 0403628855

E reading.roger@gmail.com

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