If you have any concerns regarding the fee increase, please contact:

Roger Reading: Email:

WASA MEMBERSHIP PER ANNUM – $100.00 Currently $97.00 including all attendances.


WASA Country Members – $50.00

WASA members living 100km or more from Perth CBD

WASA Disabled Members – $50.00
WASA Student Members – $50.00
Student members must hold a current student card or equivalent or members participating in an agreed Mentor Programme with an accredited WASA artist.
WASA Senior MembersNo Fee On application only, aged 75 years or over who have held continuous WASA membership for more than five years, will have annual membership fees waived, but will still be required to pay for exhibitions and events.

WASA VISITORS FEE:  $20.00 per visit.
WASA Life membershipExhibition Fees will be waived. Awarded for a high level of committed service.

A Message from President Roger Reading
Revised WASA Membership Fees Structure – FY 2021/2022

The WASA Committee has reviewed the Memberships fees for the FY 2021/2022.
From 1st July 2021, the WASA membership fees will be increasing from $49 per annum (pre-Covid) to $100 per annum. There are many factors that have led to this change including increases in running costs. On the positive side, this change will allow WASA to run more robust events during the year.
The WASA committee understands that this increase may be an issue for some members, however, please consider the following:

  • The $5 attendance fee for all WASA meetings will be removed saving $50 per annum for active members.
  • WASA Memberships should be renewed either through the website hppts:// or at monthly meetings, or on the anniversary of each renewal.
  • You will be able to pay your fees via the WASA website by credit card, this will be the preferred method of payment. Payment by cash or cheque can be made at the WASA meetings.
  • On application only, members who are 75 years or over and have been a WASA member for over 5 years will be exempt annual membership fees. Normal charges for exhibitions and events will still apply.
  • A new category of membership will be introduced to cover Associate Members – defined as members with special needs, students and emerging artists participating in the WASA Mentor Programmes.
  • When possible, we will be streaming the monthly meetings live via Facebook.
  • WASA will be focusing on a more interactive approach to monthly meetings. As well as demonstrations, there will be regular still life, portraiture and life drawing events.
  • Annual membership cards will be issued when annual membership fees are paid. These numbered cards will have to be produced whenever attending meetings or transacting WASA business. If the membership is not renewed the card will be invalid.
  • WASA membership will enable you to receive discounts for all your art supplies at Jackson Less 15% Oxlades Less 15% and Art & Craft World Less 15%. Additional discounts such as for framing may be possible later.