WASA - En Plein Air

In 2022 The West Australian Society of Arts will reintroduce the Wilgie Sketchers Club back to WASA.

The West Australian Society of Arts is the oldest art society in WA, tracing its beginnings back to 1889 when it existed as the Wilgie Sketchers Club.  Wilgie being the aboriginal work for red ochre found in WA's remote North West.

The present society was incorporated 1896.  The founding members of the Sketching Club included Lady Forrest (wife of the Premier) Margaret Hamersley, Herbert Gibbs, Henry Prinsep, George Temple-Poole and Bernard Woodward (who late became the first Director of the WA Museum and Art Gallery).

Government House of Western Australia

Open Weekend

En Plein Air Paintout


Government House has kindly invited WASA Plein Air artists

to paint on the grounds of Government House during their open day.

The event is open to the public, and WASA will have a stall available to us. 

Saturday 13th April & Sunday 14th April 2024

9.00 am – 3.00 pm.

It is an opportunity for Plein Air artists to paint in the gardens and visitors to observe artists at work.

WASA will need to be self-sufficient - as you usually are (all own equipment and materials, chair, easels etc.)

WASA are welcome to set up easels for painting sessions anywhere in the Lower Garden - wherever there is free space.

As an adjunct to the painting session, WASA is also welcome to:

Display their art (it would be lovely to have some of the paintings your members have previously done of the Government House building itself).

Set up a stall to sell your art on the day

Kindly note that there is NO power supply or source available (i.e. for hand-held EFTPOS machine)

*If WASA do elect to set up a stall, set up will need to be complete prior to 10.00 am and pack down can only commence after 3.00 pm on Saturday or Sunday (i.e., before and after the grounds are open to visitors)

We would require approximate dimensions of the stall a week prior to the Open Day as well as an outline of how WASA intends to display artworks (as applicable)

We will also need an approximate number of painters attending on the day from you a week in advance and the number of WASA members who will be manning the stall and/or displays.

Please Advise - pippin.margaria@gmail.com or tanya@globevista.com if you will be attending, as numbers are limited.