In Loving Memory: Honouring Past Members of the West Australian Society of Arts

At the West Australian Society of Arts (WASA), we cherish the legacy and contributions of our esteemed past members who have left an indelible mark on the art community of Western Australia. As we celebrate their enduring influence and artistic vision, we invite you to join us in honoring their memory through a meaningful posthumous sponsorship initiative.

Honoring Their Legacy:

With deep reverence and gratitude, WASA seeks to pay tribute to these remarkable artists by establishing a dedicated award in their honor. Through your generous donations, we will create an enduring legacy that celebrates their artistic achievements and perpetuates their creative spirit for generations to come.

Contribution Details:

Your contribution will go towards funding the award named in honour of our members who have passed, ensuring that their legacy continues to inspire and uplift aspiring artists within our community. The award will be presented annually during our prestigious art exhibition, commemorating the artistic excellence and enduring impact of the revered artists.

Invitation to Opening Night:

As a gesture of appreciation, families and loved ones of the honored artists will be cordially invited to attend the opening night of our annual art exhibition. It will be an opportunity to gather, reflect, and celebrate the enduring legacy of their beloved family member within the vibrant artistic community they helped shape.

Join Us in Honoring Their Memory:

Your contribution not only celebrates the artistic legacy of our beloved past members but also ensures that their profound influence continues to enrich the artistic landscape of Western Australia for years to come. We invite you to stand with us in honoring these extraordinary individuals and perpetuating their artistic legacy through your generous support.

For sponsorship inquiries and contributions, please contact us.