WASA Notable Artists

West Australian Society of Arts Inc.

Established 1896

Celebrating 126 years

Jenny Davies and Suzanne Lawson
who are now listed as WASA Notable Artists 2022.


“I am honoured and thrilled to be a finalist in this year’s Lester Portrait Prize. I have been optimistically entering since 2015.

I have been lucky this year. My painting is topical, and I hope captures the human side of our Premier. The idea for this portrait took root a few months ago as I was introduced to #statedaddy by my teens Isaac and Annabella. I was so amused and intrigued with the rock star status of our Premier that I couldn’t let the thought go. 

It took a lot of planning, and I am very grateful that the Premier and his team agreed meet with me. My husband Robert took the photographs and has been an incredible support throughout my whole painting journey. He has consoled me each year when I didn’t make the finals.”


‘Rachel in the Blue Light’ was created from a series of cinematically inspired images of Rachel (photographed by Henry Whitehead) at the Red Castle Motel when it was not yet demolished (about 8-9 years ago).

She is bathed is fluorescent blue light, reflecting back into her skin and with her electric blue eye shadow and dark background it evokes, to me, a sense of drama which I really enjoyed painting.

I was thrilled and humbled to be chosen as one of the semi-finalists in the 2021 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize among some amazing names in Australian art.


*#Bernard Woodward 1847-1916 First Director WA Museum and Art Gallery

*Henry Charles Prinsep 1844-1922

*#Herbert William Gibbs 1852-1940,

*#May Gibbs 1877-1969

*#Frederick Mathews Williams 1855-1929 President 1898-1903

*George Temple Poole

*#George Pitt-Morrison 1861-1946 President 1906

Curator of the Art gallery 1928-1942 His painting ‘Springtime’ was the first acquired by the Art Gallery.

Arthur Wakefield Bassett 1869-1948

*Campbell Clarke

J. W. R.Linton 1869-1947 ‘Patriarch of Western Australian Art’ President 1924 & 1926

*Margaret Hamersley Lady Margaret Forrest 1844-1929 Vice-President

Girolamo Nerli 1860-1926

Duncan McGregor Whyte 1865-1953 President 1920-1921

#Arthur and #Emma Boyd

Valentine Delawarr

Walter Paterson Meston 1870-1936 President 1925 & 1927

Kathleen O’Connor 1876-1968

Frank Ernest Allum 1863-1930 President 1908-1909

Florence Fuller 1867-1946

Daisy Rossi 1879-1974

Flora Landells 1888-1981

James Goatcher 1879-1967

Adolphe Augustus Plate 1874-1914

Muriel Southern

Amy Heap 1874-1956

Margaret Saunders (Established the ‘The WA Womens’ Society of Fine Arts and Crafts.’)

Lionel Jago 1882-1953

John Barker 1867-1943 President 1930

Miquel MacKinlay (McKinlay) 1893-1959

Margaret Johnson 1898-1967

Florence Venables Hall 1897-1987

Portia Bennett 1897-1989

Edith Trethowan 1901-1939

Allon Cook 1907- 1971

Harald Vike 1906-1987

Frank Edward ‘Effie’ Mills 1901-1957

Ernest Sidney Philpot 1906-1985

Herbert McClintock (aka Max Ebert) 1906-1985

Ivor Hunt 1903-1971

Geoff Ridley

Iris Francis 1913-2004

William Boissevain

Brendon Darby

Leon Holmes

Jenny Davies

Suzanne Lawson

* Founder members of WASA

#Exhibitor at the inaugural exhibition 1896/97


‘A Survey of Western Australian Art from 1696’ Arthur Spartalis 2008

‘Western Australian Art a selection of early works from the Robert Holmes a Court Collection’.

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