Notable artists of different genres are invited to demonstrate their techniques and processes in front of WASA members and visitors for approximately an hour after the general meeting.
Members are encouraged to ask questions and discuss the methods and processes being used to further their knowledge and skills.
Artists often show different stages in their process of completing a work and bring along several examples of their paintings and artwork for display and possible sale.
WASA uses a top of the range sound system. A wireless 'hands free' head microphone is used. The audience also has a wireless microphone to ask questions, so the session becomes interactive.
Demonstrators bring examples of their work, paintings for sale, flyers, cards to promote their classes and exhibitions.
If you would like to be a WASA Demonstrator contact

Narelle Higson is coming to WASA.........

About — Narelle

“I have loved drawing since childhood – and when faced with the decision to take up an art scholarship or music scholarship, I chose the oboe and voice. I have often wondered where that other road may have led…however I’m extremely happy to finally have the opportunity to create full time.
My professional career leading to this point has involved pub singing, kids TV presenting and Occupational Therapy. When my youngest left for England with the intention of staying (at age 19) – I took over her bedroom and turned it into my “studio”. Art became my therapy and saviour. I have no idea why I first decided to splash out on some lovely neopastel oil pastels, however it was love at first scribble and I haven’t looked back.
It is now 4 years on from my “bedroom studio” therapy days – and I have spent much of that time learning how far I can push this medium and have currently settled on a process using layers of oil pastel and cold wax medium.
As I am now primary carer for my mum, my studio has moved to her spare bedroom, where it has been for the last 2 years. As I assist her move into residential care, I know that scribbling will once again be my therapy to deal with all that this transition will bring.
I won’t be able to start and finish a piece in my demo (thanks to the ridiculously long process I currently use and love) however I am looking forward to sharing my passion for this medium, discuss the different brands and how they play together (or not) and work on a few pieces in different stages of development."

Thursday 16th June 2022

Monthly Competition - Theme to be advised

Dear members,
Please remember the procedure for the commencement of every monthly meeting.
Memorandum: WASA Covid update 29th April 2022

As we enter a new phase with COVID many of the imposed restrictions are now relaxed.
Thank you to all who have assisted in supporting the measures the Committee asked us to comply with
Please note:
  • Refreshments can resume
  • Proof of vaccination will no longer be required to attend WASA events and meetings
  • Masks will be optional as they are no longer mandatory.
  • Density and capacity have been removed
Please continue to:
Refrain from attending if you are sick in any way
Refrain from attending if you are a close contact
Get tested if you have any Covid symptoms
Break the chain of Covid transmission
Practise good personal hygiene
Sanitize hands often
Cover coughs with a tissue or use your elbow
Be kind and remain courteous and understanding of other people and their preferences.
Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. WASA will continue to stay up to date with Government requirements.
Sign the Attendance Register for the May meeting, either as a member or guest.

Guests are asked to pay $20.
Members collect name tags.
Submit your artwork for the monthly competition at the appropriate desk.