Roger Reading

Roger Reading

Roger was born in Singapore into a British Military family.  He lived there as a young child before moving to Kuala Lumpur in 1956.  In 1957, he went to boarding school in England, a journey to and from school which took 3 days by air.  He excelled at art in school and college.  On leaving college, he joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) as a Supply and Logistics Officer and spent 22 years in various military assignments before coming to Australia in 1986 to work with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in Sydney.  He later left the military and moved to Kununurra, Perth and PNG, working in both mining and oil and gas roles before going to the Middle East.  He returned to Perth in 2012 where he is now settled.   Roger lives in Booragoon, Perth.

Roger’s artistic inspiration is to be recognised as an artist of merit.  He has always loved art and artistic expression and believes passionately in the value of creativity in pursuit of personal joy, happiness and improvement.  For Roger, the challenge of life is not just solving problems but creating innovative solutions.  Roger is motivated by adventure and discovery and thrives on strong robust consideration of future change and growth.  For Roger, Art is life, ever changing and ever challenging albeit exhausting and rewarding in its final completion reflecting his deep emotions rather than simply a reality.

Roger has painted in Acrylics, Oils, Pastels and Watercolours.  He uses multimedia and textured finishes when he feels it delivers greater emotion to the outcome.  He derives pleasure and motivation from handling the media and seeing what they can produce.  For him the feeling associated with putting down colour and shape is about adventure in tone and shape not just finding realism.  Roger works regularly in acrylics, pastels, oils and watercolours.  Roger invests time in understanding all these media continually to promote his artistic endeavour and to create from the heart.

Roger studied art history and practice at school but not again until later in life.  Largely self taught, he has attended a number of short courses and completed a Diploma in Fine Art at the Academy Studios in Aubais, South of France which was linked to the Royal Academy in London. Roger studies and reads art history.

Roger has conducted a solo exhibition in Dubai as well as participating in a number of joint exhibitions overseas and in Australia.   He has exhibited his work widely.  Most recently he exhibited art in a Gallery in Perth for 12 months and regularly submits work for annual exhibitions in Australia. He has entered the Doug Moran Art Prize and Cossack Art Awards.  His work is on display in private collections.

His paintings are in collections in UK, USA, France and Australia.  He has received a number of awards for his work and has been featured in various publications including local newspapers.

Roger is a Member of the following art organisations and associations:

  • Friend of The Royal Academy London
  • The Academy Studios Abroad, Aubais, France
  • The Western Australian Society of Art (WASA)
  • The Armadale Society of Art (ASA)
  • Pastel Art Society, Australia
  • The Pastel Society of Western Australia
  • The Perth ‘Plein Air’ Painters (PPAP)
  • Australian Studio Painters
  • Life Drawing Perth

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Painting by Roger Reading
Roger Reading
Painting by Roger Reading
Painting by Roger Reading