Artist Statement
My art is drawn from a lifetime of study and interest in art which in my later years became a full-time art practice and professional business. This passion for creation has emerged as a colourful journey not bound by rules and outcomes but by fun and freedom of expression. For me, it has been an investment in personal experience across a wide range of cultures and environments, albeit from an institutionalised viewpoint, which has brought me now to a place where I express feeling for the value of tone, shape and warmth. A ‘sensate’ by natural inclination, I have come to believe in my art as an important way to give back what I have learnt over my lifetime. What a life it has been and continues to be.

My motivation in art is primarily to create from a deep desire to change the way people see the world and to question motives. In other words, to resist the mob rule and determine a single identity that shows a different way forward. In this way, my work is radical and often opposed to the common view. What can happen with this ethos, though, is that the influence I exert on my viewer becomes transformational and opposed by those threatened by change. A previously held paradigm may be dashed and exposed for its ‘herd like’ quality and mind control. This is hard for some to comprehend. I can be ahead of my time in thought and ideas. I want people to see the real truth behind the difference rather than the popular view. In this way, my approach is a form of the crusade, which is not without its risks of self-expression and outcome. Art creation is self-expression for me and is more a transformational communication to see life from a new perspective and embrace change.

My Artistic Process
I use a variety of media and approaches to my work. I love the radical freedom of expression seen in AMW Turner’s immense expression and the impressionistic style. I begin with a blank canvas that I douse in large amounts of lean colours to create a sense of place and time before beginning a journey into the unknown. My inspiration of late has been predominantly landscape although I also love the structures and disciplines of drawing to contrast opposing experiences. I love to create light and dark with opposition and depth of experience by adapting the composition most usually ‘top-down’ and then light to dark, cool to warm and vague to detail. I allow the emotion to take over as I work. I look for shape first and enjoy the way paint behaves. I love the adventure and journey of discovery. I finish my work with warmth and detail.