Platinum Members

The West Australian Society of Arts Inc. platinum members have worked hard to win their place in our Hall of Fame.

WASA members show their work at the Society’s monthly meetings, and of their artistic merit, earn promotion to the highest division through the votes of their fellow members.

White: 1st place 3 points, 2nd place 2 points, 3rd place 1 point.  6 points to move to Blue.

Blue: 1st place: 2 points, 2nd place 1 point.  6 points to move to Gold.

Gold: 1st place: 2 points, 2nd place 1 point.  8 points to move to Platinum.

When Platinum level is achieved a certificate is presented to the artist at the next monthly WASA meeting, the artist CV and 4 paintings will feature in the Platinum Hall of Fame.

Click on the paintings below to view the members…

Val Brooks20200804153442
Wendy Line20200521093001
Peter Reynolds20200519151625
Ray Eastwood20200422123950
Roger Bayzand20200422120642
Pam Eddy20200406152506
Tim Sewell20200405151012
Rayma Reany20200331172651
Dave Conlin20200331170010
Derrick Fitzpatrick20200330144600
Roger Reading20200130175127
Margaret Mundy20200130111119
Lucy Papalia20191205124346