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The West Australian Society of Arts Inc. platinum members have worked hard to win their place in our Hall of Fame.

WASA members show their work at the Society’s Monthly Competition at our general meetings, and their artistic merit, earn promotion to the highest division via a voting process.  The judge is generally the guest artist demonstrating on the evening.

Woodward Award - Wilgie Red: 1st place 3 points, 2nd place 2 points, 3rd place 1 point. 6 points to move to Blue.

Gibbs Award - Blue: 1st place: 2 points,  2nd place 1 point. 6 points to move to Gold.

Temple-Poole Award - Gold: 1st place: 2 points, 2nd place 1 point. 8 points to move to Platinum.

Forrest Award - Platinum: 1st place & 2nd place.

When Platinum level is achieved a certificate is presented to the artist at the next monthly WASA meeting, the artist CV and 4 paintings will feature in the Platinum Hall of Fame.

Click on the paintings below to view the members…

Jenny Davies

Val Brooks

Wendy Line

Peter Reynolds

Ray Eastwood

Roger Bayzand

Rayma Reany

Dave Conlin

Derrick Fitzpatrick

Roger Reading

Margaret Mundy

Lucy Papalia