Gerri Box – Artist of the Month April

Gerri Box – Artist of the Month April

By Jane

April 9, 2024

Artist of the month, Award winning Artist, Perth Watercolour artist, WASA, West Australian Society of Arts

Artist Statement – GERRI BOX

I see myself as being on a continuum of learning in this creative field. Watercolours draws me in through the use of a variety of brush techniques in a loose way to allow the medium to bring expression to my work. Working specifically in en plein air settings allows me to capture the light, surroundings, and the subject ‘in the moment’.

In 2023 I was fortunate to be offered an Artist-in-Residence as part of the North Midlands Project. This eight week residency themed Time and Place saw me embedded within the communities of the North Midlands rural area, providing community workshops to adults and spending six weekly sessions with year 5/6 students at Three Springs Primary School.  The Residency provided the opportunity for me to hold an exhibition of my own work for one month during that time at the suburb local Bank Gallery. Following the Residency, I have submitted a work for exhibition by the North Midlands Project. This work, a reflective piece Rhetorica ad Herennium: loci of memory, incorporates themes of time and place and includes some art pieces by the Three Springs students and the artist’s own work.

From the privileged view of being in a creative world, I continue to observe, feel and reflect – then try to make sense of and bring into my work feeling to what is around me.


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