Natalia Achino – August Artist of the Month 2023

Natalia Achino – August Artist of the Month 2023

By Jane

August 27, 2023

Artist of the month, Perth Watercolour artist, WASA, West Australian Society of Arts

It is somehow difficult for me to say where I come from as I am the sum of all the places and cultures I have lived so far. I guess that makes me multicultural. I was born in Argentina in 1971 in a family with Italian origin and trained as a teacher of Foreign Languages. After eleven years living in several countries in Europe, I moved to Perth from Italy with my husband and two daughters in 2008.

I worked as a teacher of Italian and Spanish until 2016, when I decided that is never too late to change careers and pursue my art and calligraphy passions. From a very early age, I loved colour and letters and would spend several joyful hours imitating letterforms and colourful pictures from books. Since 2016, I have studied with many of the world’s most renowned calligraphers, and I am currently participating in an International Mentorship Program focusing in experimental calligraphy. Art wise, I am self-taught, apart from an online workshop with master egg-tempera painter, Koo Schadler.

A significant event in my life, a near-death experience, deeply influenced my life and emotions. My art is highly spiritual in nature and a reflection of my inner essence. There is a silence, a stillness in nature which fascinates me. The fleeting beauty of flowers, the atmosphere of a landscape or common things that have lost their original appearance through time have an intense resonance for me. To evoke this state of quietness and atmosphere or depict the aged surfaces and textures takes a lot of time. I mainly work in layers using glazing techniques in watercolour, acrylic, egg tempera or pastels.

In addition to my artistic pursuits, I hold a profound ambition to preserve traditional painting techniques, craft skills, and handwriting for the benefit of future generations. Calligraphy, paint making, illumination, and gilding are among my primary areas of interest, and I am dedicated to safeguarding and promoting these timeless arts.

I feel deeply grateful and honoured for being recognized as the “Member of the Month” by WASA (Western Australia Society of Arts). This achievement is a testament to my journey and the passion I bring to my craft.

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