The 128th Annual Art Exhibition

The 128th Annual Art Exhibition

By Tanya

June 4, 2024

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What an amazing 128th Annual Exhibition it has been. Over 300 works of art from over 100 artists. Bravo.

The committee would like to start by thanking the City of South Perth, Aidan from Globevista (our major sponsor), and our wonderful sponsors Yu Zhao from ACE, Michael Boercamp from Jacksons, and Duncan Brown from White Frames. Without your generosity, this event would not have been possible.

Our Big List of Thank Yous

Thank you to our curators Belinda Kay, Ernst Schneider, and Merilyn O’Shannessy. What a marvelous display they put on for us.

To our incredible volunteers who have worked so hard to deliver a fabulous event.

A special shout out to Rayma Reany and Alan Pickering for putting up all the signage, to Trish and Jim Halloran for helping with the flags and fiddly bits, to Steve Dyer who was willing to help out anywhere anytime, to Wayne Roberts for helping set up the stage, and to John Ned Kelly. A huge thank you to Lynette Bell and her husband for spending three days walking the streets of South Perth dropping flyers into letterboxes.

To Meredith Blais and her merry raffle women, Julie Cubbage and Julie Eaton thank you for organising our fantastic raffle.

To the artists who have been so generous in donating artwork for our raffle, Leanne Pearson, Steve Dyer, Kshanti Wikramanayake, Janie Benzie, Anne Sorensen, Hayley Kruger, Sarah Ponevie, Belinda Kay, Gary Casey and Ernst Schneider.

To Karen Frankel, we thank you once again for creating our beautiful awards.

To our members, this was your exhibition, and what an amazing array of artwork you delivered. You should all be so proud.

I would personally like to thank our extraordinary Committee Jane, Gina, Pippin, Meredith, and Amanda who have worked tirelessly over the past several months to deliver this event.

If I have left anyone out I do apologise.

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