January 31

WASA Mentor Programme


WASA Mentor Programme

By Jane Holtfreter

January 31, 2021

A new initiative to mentor new and emerging artist in WASA for the future intention of pioneering a new approach to attracting and keeping our young membership base longer term.

The artist, Olivia Colja, is a practising artist and one with a positive record in exhibition and artwork. Departing ECU, she is just embarking on her career as a visual artist. Olivia is a committed and keen artist with a strong reputation for enthusiastic art production.

Olivia's first mentors will be Alexandra Kyriakacis, Jenny Davies and Alan Pickering.

Alan will be the first WASA mentor for Olivia and he will begin her introduction to en plein air painting soon.

Olivia has been invited to the general meeting on the 11th February, as my guest and will be introduced to the members then.

Roger Reading
President WASA

Olivia Colja

Olivia Colja Vibrant Chaos            128cm x 128 cm Framed Canvas Oil

Olivia Colja 1067mm x 1575mm

Jane Holtfreter

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