January 31




By Jane Holtfreter

January 31, 2021

We are delighted that our Life and Platinum Member, Tim Sewell, is donating the Raffle for Exhibition 125. The painting is called Yallingup-Summer. Please note that the painting is at the framers, so Tim kindly supplied this low-res image, taken from his mobile, in the interim. We will include a more high quality version when Tim gets the original back.

Here is how Tim describes the painting - in his own words:

(Oil on board 51 x 41cms)

"This year we celebrate 125 years of WASA so I wanted to find a subject which was both local and fun.

Whilst staying in Busselton recently I visited Yallingup and over two days painted the Store-Post Office, near Caves House, en plein air. I used that painting as the basis of this larger studio work. I wanted to capture that holiday feeling and produce a work which will entertain the viewer, lift the spirits and perhaps evoke some happy memories too.

I like to include characters in my paintings to give the viewer the chance to imagine a story to weave some narrative and mystery; we all like to watch people after all.

Tim Sewell

Jane Holtfreter

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    1. Good morning Gillian
      Thank you for your note and good wishes. We are very proud of our successful Exhibition 125. Feel free to come and join us at some stage. Our next event will be an En Plein Air Paint Out at Government House. Please follow us through our Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram and http://www.waart.org.au, and don’t hesitate to come and join us if you are available to do so.
      Jane Holtfreter

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