Eve Stromback – November Member of the Month

Eve Stromback – November Member of the Month

By Jane

November 23, 2021

Award winning Artist

Born in Southampton in 1979, my earliest art effort was a multi-coloured scribble on a teddy bear colouring page, which was proudly displayed on the fridge, of course.  My favourite art medium in primary school was oil pastels, because of the mess they made.
My introduction to art was through a diet of Disney cartoons and ‘read along with books of the 1980’s – the original illustrations, which are now called ‘vintage’.  As a result, my parent’s garage is full of sketchbooks of Disney cartoons, none of which I could retrieve without hiring dangerous machinery for excavation.
After a twenty-year absence from all things art, I was introduced to acrylic painting through Cabernet and Canvas, which provides step-by-step art instruction to produce your own painting, often copies of masterpieces by Van Gogh, Monet etc. Here are some I prepared earlier.

Several years ago now, I attended a rather good art exhibition in Fremantle.  While being completely overawed by the quality of the work on display, I was persuaded into joining and later exhibiting.
After killing many a variety of plant life my parents have gifted me, (pot count to date includes two lavender bushes; one poinsettia; two jasmine plants; one African violet), I decided to try my hand at painting plants, rather than punishing them with my brown thumb, (sorry about the poinsettia Mum – it looked quite nice when it was alive).
Please see below for my two most recent exhibition offerings, ‘Birds of Paradise‘ and ‘Busy Bee‘.  I would like to assure readers that no plants were harmed during the production of these paintings.
Eve Stromback

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