February 15

Membership Form 2021


Membership Form 2021

By Jane Holtfreter

February 15, 2021

Jane Holtfreter

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  1. Dear Jane
    I am a professional artist from a design background, and my art explores a diverse range of compositional interest, from impressionism to abstract, to create work of intrigue, authenticity and always painted from the soul. I paint in both Acrylic and Oils on Canvas with dynamic brushstrokes and mark-making. My current collection is abstract, and can be viewed at my imminent Solo Exhibition called ‘CONNECTION’ at the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery in Galleries 1 & 2. 46 Henry Street Fremantle. 13-28th March 10-4 Daily. I shall be in the Gallery every day and happy to talk about the inspiration behind my current solo exhibition. My exhibition is again committed to donating 10% of all my sales profits to a worthy WA Charity, which this year, is Fremantle based The Kai Eardley Foundation.
    I exhibit and successfully sell my art in both Australia and the UK. I am a member of the Assoc of Sussex Artists UK. I would very much like to be considered for membership of the West Australian Society of Artists and enjoy inter-acting with like-minded members of our local art community.
    Best regards
    Karen Grimstead

    1. Good morning Karen,
      You are more than welcome to join WASA and we would love to have you. I am hoping you have been able to download the membership form? if not please contact Jenny M: 0421 066 466
      Email: jadavies@iinet.net.au
      Kind regards
      Jane Holtfreter

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